Brian 'n Justin Junkie (bnjj) wrote in biglove_eps,
Brian 'n Justin Junkie

Season 2

Hi there and welcome to all the new community members.   Please refer to the episode list (link above) for current links.
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Hey I was just wondering if you're still accepting new members? I tried to join several days ago but haven't been accepted yet. I realize you're probably busy, so it's not a big deal, but I thought maybe you weren't accepting anyone new or something. Anyway! Just curious. :)

I was just wondering the same thing as the previous poster (whether you were still accepting new members)? I'm just curious as well, I just discovered this community and I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd let me know. Thank you so much, in advance!

Leanna (lightofshadows6)
Hi there, adding to the other comments, I'm hoping to join this community, I requested a couple of weeks ago. Hope you'll have me, thanks :-)
are you still adding new members? because I´d love to join...