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biglove_eps is a closed community. In order to see the posts you must join. [:
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Hello. I would like to be added to the community if that's alright. Big fan of the show.
Hi! I just requested to join and would be very thankful if I could be added. Thanks so much =D
Hi, I just submitted a request to join the comm, and I'd love to be added! Thanks a ton.
Hi, I just requested to be added and I would like to be added please.

Thanks. :)
Hi sorry I accidently went through to the submit join twice, sorry! I thought it hadnt gone through the first time - stupid net connection.
Hi, I would love to be a part of this community. please add me :)
Hi, I just saw my first episode of Big Love (3x01)and liked it a lot. I would love to see some of the earlier episodes so can I please be added to the community. Thanks, KV.
Hi, I'd love to be added to this community. Thanks!